Tip #18: To increase sexual energy and elevate desire, take rapid, rhythmic, and shallow breaths through the nose. Keep your mouth closed. Do this before or during sex. Technique called “Breath of Fire

Similar technique (with similar name as well):
"Fire Breathing" - You can be aroused to a higher lever with "Fire Breathing" by lying on your back, knees bent, feet well spread. Imagine a large intake of air going all the way from your lips down to your genitals. When exhaling, imagine pushing the air back through your genitals and out of you body. Do this about a dozen times, then breath rapidly from your belly with your mouth open. Do this several times then begin breathing through your nose and out your mouth continuously. 
Imagine a circle of fire, beginning as a small circle then expand the circle to include chest belly and eventually the genitals. 
You should feel an erotic heat moving throughout your body.

Sounds complex but it works! Just give it the chance. 

Tip #17: If a man feels ejaculation is imminent or inevitable, him or his partner may lightly squeeze the head of his penis for several seconds. Then intercourse can continue. (Repeat 2 or 3 times if needed)

Tip #16: The “C-Spot” (her clitoris), The “G-Spot” (rough tissue 2/3 of the way up the frontal vaginal wall), and her “AFE Zone” (the deepest point of the vagina on the frontal vaginal wall) are ALL spots a man should aim for.

I got a question asking me how often I have sex and accidently deleted it.

I’ve had sex 3 times this week.
But that is more than usual for me.
It is typically 3 or 4 times a month.
I’m not in a relationship so I’m not constantly with someone who I’d like to have sex with. (If that makes sense) 

Ughhhh so my boyfriend CONSTANTLY wants to have sex. I can't get him to stop. Like, I enjoy having sex but sometimes i'm just not in the mood... but Im scared he'll stop liking me if I say no.. what do id o

If he stops liking you because of that he doesn’t love you. And honestly if thats all he want he probably doesn’t love you anyways. Try suggesting cute couple things to do and if he turns them down then you know that it’s probably better to just end it. 

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Tip #15: 15 Steps to The Perfect Blow Job

1. Start by kissing/licking his inner thigh while tickling his testicles with the pads of your fingertips. 

2. Gently put his balls into your mouth one at a time.

3. Play with them in your hands and repeat step two. *Gently

4. While doing these things, run your fingers/hands up and down his shaft.

5. Get comfortable and into a kneeling position between his legs at the side of the bed.

6. Wet your lips and be sure to tuck them over your teeth.

7. Run your tongue around the head of his penis to moisten it. 

8. Hold the base of his penis and make a ring with your fingers (thumb and forefinger) 

9. Stroke his shaft up and down with this hand. 

10. Circle the head with your tongue in a swirling motion and begin to work your tongue into long strokes up and down his shaft. 

11. Repeatedly pull his penis into your mouth then push it out while using suction.

12. Attend to the head occasionally with the swirling motion of your tongue. 

13. Follow his reactions. If he pulls back it means he knows he might be about to cum sooner than he wishes. 

14. If he resists when you pull him out (ex. pushes your head back down) do your best to stay down. It likely means he is ready to cum. 

15. Swallow if at all possible. Unless a guys tells you ahead of time that he prefers you to spit, more times than not he will want you to swallow. 

Tip #14: Having the female on top is typically considered the most favorable for feminine pleasure. It allows the girl to have the capability to stroke her clitoris during sex and control the angle of penetration.

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